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Loyalty Levels

Loyalty Levels is our instant rewards program that awards players with cash for earning Frequent Player Points (FPP) to complete Tiers. Just as there is a designated number of FPPs to earn per tier, there's a designated number of tiers to complete to advance a level.

As you climb through all 50 Loyalty Levels you'll be completing multiple tiers before advancing, and of course, collecting multiple rewards within each level.

Frequent Player Points

As we've mentioned before, PokerAvengers rewards are all designed to put money into your pockets because a wealthy player, is a happy player and we want to make sure you’re happy when playing at PokerAvengers.

 We're rewarding our players with frequent player points (FPPs) for all our cash poker ring games and tournaments, as well as select Avengers Casino games.

Gold Chips

PokerAvengers rewards you for playing poker in many different ways, one of the most fundamental rewards is the Gold Chip program. When you play poker for real money at PokerAvengers you will earn Frequent Player Points (FPP).

Here's how it works:

Earning Gold Chips

All players earn Frequent Player Points (FPPs) when playing real money ring or tournament games. At PokerAvengers, FPPs accumulate to become Gold Chips, which are redeemable for free tournament play.

Turning FPPs to Gold

The question you are likely asking is, how do my FPPs become Gold Chips? The exchange process of FPPs to Gold Chips is automatic. FPPs accumulated turn in to Gold Chips at a rate of 100 FPP = 1 Gold Chip.

Frequent Player Points

When you are dealt cards in a real money ring game, you'll earn 1 FPP for every $1 raked at the table where you are dealt cards. At PokerAvengers, we believe a penny played should be a penny earned, so we're accurate down to the penny when it comes to FPPs. For example, if your table was raked $1.25, you will receive 1.25 FPP.

In tournament play, you'll earn 7 FPPs per dollar in tournament fees paid. The tournament fee paid is indicated by the "(+ $)" when registering for a tournament.

Earning Frequent Player Points

Ring Games: $1 Rake = 1 FPP

Tournaments: $1 Fee = 7 FPP

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